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When International Racing Drivers Wearing Papuan Clothes

Sean and fellow F2 driver enjoying vacation at Raja Ampat Island, Papua, Indonesia
Raja Ampat: Travelling to Raja Ambat, West Papua, Indonesia is not only about the magnificent view. You can try Papuan traditional clothes to learn about the local cultures.

Three young racing drivers Sean Gelael, Norman Nato and Stoffel Vandoorne recently wore Papuan traditional clothes in Raja Ampat. They were very happy when wearing the unique clothing.

The three drivers enthusiastically uploaded their pictures on social media. They were very thrilled with the rare experience.

Vandoorne, Nato and Sean traveled to Raja Ampat from January 9-14, 2018.

The three young men also celebrated Ricardo Gelael’s birthday (Sean Gelael’s father). They surely had fun in Raja Ampat.

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