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Sean's Favorite Video Game in PlayStation

Sean Gelael
JAKARTA - Everybody has a trick to tackle boredom. Indonesian racing driver Sean Gelael usually plays his favorite video games with his close friends .
Sean's favorite console is PlayStation (PS). His favorite video game is NBA 2K.
"During spare times, @gelaelized often plays video games with friends. #didyouknow NBA2k is the video game that is most often played by @gelaelized, instagram account @sensation_id said.
NBA 2K was first released in 1999. The basketball simulation video game was initially published by Sega.

Each installment tries to emulate the National Basket Association to provide a unique experience. It strives to present better features compared to previous installments.

Sean also sometimes plays basketball near the paddock. He then usually posts his football games in his instagram account.
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