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Sean Promotes Raja Ampat to International Racing Drivers

Sean and fellow driver enjoying vacation at Raja Ampat Island, Papua, Indonesia
Raja Ampat: The beauty of Raja Ampat, Indonesia is very popular in the world. Many foreigners visit tourist attractions in the Papuan region.

Three young racing drivers Sean Gelael Stoffel Vandoorne, Norman Nato visited Raja Ampat earlier this month. They took a holiday ahead of the 2018 season.

The three young men were accompanied by French racing driver Jean Alesi, Malaysian racing driver Alex Yoong, Indonesian singer Once Mekel, Indonesian celebrity Gading Marten as well as Sean Gelael’s parent Ricardo Gelael and Rini S. Bono.

Sean, Vandoorne and Nato tried popular diving spots in Manta Sany, Mellisa Garden and Blue Magic Eco Tour. They also tried marine sports around Raja Ampat’s islets.

Ricardo Gelael also enjoyed the beautiful view in Raja Ampat. Sean’s father had fun talks with Vandoorne and Nato.

Vandoorne was very impressed with the unique vacation. He shared his activities on his social media accounts.

“Remarkable experience in Raja Ampat,” said Vandoordne in his Instagram account @svandoorne recently.
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